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Fly High

See if this title of an online article grabs your attention. 9 Reasons Why Flying is Getting Better Your response might be “Really?” Does the person who wrote this always fly first class? Does the writer know a secret to … Continue reading

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Alumni Reunion

If you took Latin, maybe you get cranky, too, because you can’t go on a trip anywhere and chat in Latin – unless it’s to your old Latin teacher’s house. But what really perturbs me is pulling up at a … Continue reading

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In the Spotlight

The word “just” has been highlighted this past year as a prime illustration of the female tendency to apologize too much in written and oral communications. (“I’m just wondering if you’ve had time to review my idea.”) According to some … Continue reading

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The Soul of Wit

Although emulating Shakespeare may be aiming a bit high in our day-to-day emails, we can enhance our writing by committing to a venerated line from Hamlet: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” When we edit our work, often the fun … Continue reading

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