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100+ Instant Writing Tips

100+ Instant Writing TipsWithout transporting us back to the classroom, 100+ Instant Writing Tips shines a bright light on common errors that undermine our credibility while offering dozens of ways to make writing more dynamic and graceful. The book will immediately boost the quality of your writing whether you read it cover to cover or rely on the index to solve daily dilemmas at work or school.

  • Do you hone in or home in? See tip #1.
  • Why do amount, basis, criteria, everyday, literally, myself, reflect, and unique frequently trip us up?
  • When editing your message, why should the word very set off an alarm? What about exclamation points?
  • What's the difference between a hyphen and a dash ... and how do you make a dash?
  • What are two reasons to pause before starting a sentence with There's?
  • Why might you want to develop a personal style guide?
  • If writing should sound natural, what's wrong with tremendous and awesome?
  • What is the least dynamic verb in our language? See tip #100. 

Sample Content

Learn more about what's included in 100+ Instant Writing Tips and read a few sample tips (PDF).


As a contributing writer for Monster.com, I frequently interview employers about what they're looking for in prospective employees. The no. 1 unmet need, regardless of industry or occupation? Strong writing skills. With 100+ Instant Writing Tips, Norm Friedman begins to fill the gap. This slim guide is an accessible and valuable tool for improving the clarity and boosting the authority of any composition, whether it's a 400-page treatise or a 140-character text message.
– John Rossheim, Freelance Writer

The book is really clever, concise, and crystal clear. I know I'll be turning to it often because you clarify issues I have thought about many times. You covered all the bases!
– Nancy Balik FitzGerald, Communications Consultant

An amazing accomplishment—a writer's guide that's entertaining, with no compromises on content. Can't this become the industry standard?
– Mo Kelman, Professor, Community College of Rhode Island

Though the book is geared to the business writer, it is a great tool for the young person who's beginning to communicate about college, internships, and jobs.
– Elizabeth Stern, Psychiatrist

Contact me with questions or to place an order at $9.95 per book ($3 savings). Free shipping.

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