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You may have noticed how many of our writing objectives start with “C,” such as clarity, correctness, conciseness, consistency, and creativity. We can even add credibility and confidence, the outgrowth of continual improvement in mastering those goals. But have you ever thought about … Continue reading

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Bringing Your “A” Game

On occasion, I’ve referred to the “alarm system” each of us should continually expand to catch writing errors. Or if you prefer a different metaphor, you may want to make sure your “antennae” are properly tuned. Here are a few … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror …

When we look into the mirror, we see ourselves as others do, right? With that cryptic hint as your guide, find the clarity problems in the following sentences. 1. Having perused several evaluations of the latest vacuum cleaners, I think … Continue reading

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The “Basics”

Watch out for these common slips when using words related to “basic”: 1. I was basically on hold for more than 20 minutes until a customer service rep solved my issue. What is “basically” doing in this sentence? If we’re saying … Continue reading

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