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If you have concerns about the caliber of writing in your workplace or want to improve your own writing, I offer several ways to help:

Norm Friedman

•   Writer for nearly 40 years (and still enthusiastic!)
•   Leader of hundreds of workshops, NY to LA
•   Trusted consultant to scores of companies and nonprofits

Norm Friedman Communications
Phone: 216-334-4100
Email: nf@normfriedman.com

  • Write Away!℠ workshops. Participants find the workshops illuminating, liberating, and lively. They particularly like the number of practical tips they pick up in a short time.
  • Editing and proofreading. You can cut costs by drafting copy in-house and turning to me for polish.
  • Coaching. Another cost-effective way to refine writing is gaining rapid insights through a few coaching sessions. I have coached individuals locally and—via phone and email—on both coasts.
  • Customized style guides. Even an extremely brief style guide helps ensure that employees write more consistently and correctly.

I am still aware of how much I use the tips I learned several years ago attending every session of one of Norm's workshop series. In addition to all the takeaways, I value how Norm's workshops apply to all kinds of writing, from email to reports, and across all job levels, from administrative assistants to senior managers. His engaging teaching style puts everyone at ease and immediately gets them ready to learn and eager to apply enhanced writing abilities to their varied job responsibilities.
– Jennifer Cohen
   Senior Vice President, Leadership & Development
   Ratliff & Taylor

Norm's 8 am workshop on "Secrets to All-Star Emailing" engaged our group immediately. An hour later each of us was eager to apply Norm's email tips at work.
– Greg McBride
   Past President
   SME Cleveland (Sales & Marketing Executives)

100+ Instant Writing Tips...

Without transporting us back to the classroom, 100+ Instant Writing Tips shines a bright light on common errors that undermine our credibility while offering dozens of ways to make writing more dynamic and graceful. The book will immediately boost the quality of your writing whether you read it cover to cover or rely on the index to solve daily dilemmas at work or school.

Though brief and breezy, 100+ Instant Writing Tips covers key writing issues of correctness, clarity, and brevity while presenting plenty of examples. It packs a lot into 77 pages.

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